The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

A three-in-one review:

Storm Front (book one)

Fool Moon (book two)

Proven Guilty (it doesn’t say but probably book eight)

The first of a few reviews of books I read over the Christmas/New Year break period doesn’t start off well. I had seen The Dresden Files on TV and thought that although it was pretty corny that the basic idea had some promise: combine two of my favourite trashy genres detective stories and fantasy – the result could be fun, right? Well, wrong: both for the TV series and the books.  These books suffer from: too many ideas crammed into each book; a ham-fisted writing style; poor characterisation; and, a horrendous over-use of clichés from both genres. Throughout the book we are constantly bombarded with references to situations and information that has occurred previously, so you feel like you have started reading in the middle of the series rather than at the beginning, and the story seems to be constantly interrupted by this exposition rather than flowing on naturally. Each book follows a very set formula – mysterious happenings, the hero  making tragic mistakes with bad consequences for his friends, the hero getting progressively more beaten up until all of his resources are spent, then suddenly he finds some reserve of power to defeat the final baddy. All-in-all books only for desperate times – such as rainy days on a long holiday.

Overall rating: 2.5/5


~ by Doug Newdick on January 13, 2008.

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