ID Stands for Intellectual Dishonesty

There is a furious storm erupting in a particular corner of the blogosphere over a screening of the movie Expelled. This is a movie purporting to be a documentary about the suppression of Intelligent Design from mainstream scientific discourse. It features interviews with PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins (which they claim were obtained under false pretences). The deep irony (and hypocrisy) is that the producer of this movie which claims to support free speech in the scientific and academic world chucked PZ Myers out of a screening! Unfortunately the producer didn’t recognise Richard Dawkins who was standing with PZ Myers, and let him in! A number of other first hand accounts have started circulating and the astonishment and outrage are palpable.

The intellectual dishonesty of the Intelligent Design and Creationist crowd is obvious – but this episode demonstrates their plain old dishonesty.


Some more interesting pieces on this controversy:

The New York Times 

Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers discuss the episode:


~ by Doug Newdick on March 22, 2008.

One Response to “ID Stands for Intellectual Dishonesty”

  1. Beautiful Irony!

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