Bad Science!

If you look at the sidebar on my blog you will see that Badscience is one of my favourite websites. A coincidence makes it worth me posting about this. Firstly another great article by Ben Goldacre on a media generated frenzy of a medicine story that is doing the rounds – one that as per usual is mostly bullshit. One of Ben’s pet peeves is media reports of medical stories/science where the media don’t even do basic research on the facts, but instead either create hype or succumb to industry hype. I personally love this aspect of Ben’s coverage as I have a credulous mother and a non-sceptical girlfriend, so have to suffer through discussions of medical cures or scares. The coincidence is that Ben Goldacre was interviewed on our very own Radio NZ National today, and this is pointed out in the first comment in his article. So, please go read his website and listen to him talk about fish oil for us benighted kiwis.


~ by Doug Newdick on May 3, 2008.

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