The Watchmen

I’ve been a fan of The Watchmen graphic novel since I first read it in the mid 1990s, it was a defining piece of popular culture – one that turned comics on their collective heads. When I heard it was to be made into a movie, I wasn’t too sure what to think – I would love to see Alan Moore’s work of art transformed into moving images; but could such a complex piece be successfully transformed onto the screen? After watching it last night I think that the movie was a successful adaptation – and a reasonably successful film in its own right. Some of the complexity of the graphic novel is lost – how could it not be? But the main themes are still there, and some of the scenes and dialogue are straight out of the comic. The action scenes are amplified somewhat – so that they resemble more normal superhero movies – but this doesn’t seriously undermine the message: You have be a strange, neurotic individual to dress up in a funny costume to fight crime, and anyway is that really going to solve the world’s problems?


~ by Doug Newdick on January 10, 2010.

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