DarkMarket – Misha Glenny’s Other Book on Crime

Dark Market just isn’t as good as Misha Glenny’s previous book McMafia. That was a roller coaster ride through the world of organised crime, funny and shocking. Dark Market is more of a short road trip to an unpleasant place populated by weird characters. The basic story is reasonably interesting (though hardly what I would call riveting) – the rise and fall of website that acted as a focal point for credit card hacking – and some of the characters are colourful enough in their own right. There are super hackers, cyber cops, normal cops, international crime rings and geeks aplenty. But, overall, the writing doesn’t sparkle as much as McMafia, and it just can’t hold your interest to the same level. If you enjoyed McMafia, or are interested in cybercrime this isn’t a bad read.  On a side note, if you are an Information Technology professional then you may find this of more than just passing interest. I found the back story of the professionalisation of hacking to be very illuminating, even if many of the technical details were vague and poorly described. You can get DarkMarket from Amazon here.

~ by Doug Newdick on March 31, 2013.

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