Day 2: Icehouse – Flowers

IcehousefirstIt’s the second day of the challenge to list albums that have influenced my music taste. Today, the first album by Australian band Icehouse. Originally this was the album “Icehouse” released by the band Flowers, but due to name conflicts with another band, they switched it around. Released in 1980, my cousin Kevin introduced me to this album, probably when I was about 13. The key tracks that affected me were downbeat synthpop, this sounded unlike anything I’d heard before. It was also the first album that I had consciously heard from a band from the antipodes. In terms of my music taste, this left me with an abiding taste for synth music, and the more downbeat kinds of music (ambient, gothic). In re-listening to this album, I’m really struck by the difference between an album that influenced me (which this one undoubtedly did) and a favourite album (which this one is definitely not), and the difficulty of disentangling nostalgia from other perceptions of the music. In my memory, this is a great album, but on listening to it again, it really isn’t.


~ by Doug Newdick on March 17, 2020.

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